Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Hug That Neck With Love!

You get out this monster.
This is a "sixties" heat press.
Early guitars did not have adjustable truss rods, they just had support rods. Necks would frequently bow up and down do to adverse weather condition. So these heat press's were manufactured to bend necks back!
I was lucky enough to get this one from my good friend Keith Roscoe of "Roscoe Guitars".

I happy to announce that the rebuild I did on a 1932 L-2 Gibson Parlor Guitar is complete! Stay tuned for a photo essay on this project!

Here's a shot of a Ivory Nut I carved for a special guitar. I kept the back raw to show the contrast between it and the milky white top. The top is buffed to brilliant shine. Ivory has an outstanding sound transfer according to some.
I can't say I hear a big difference but it sure looks good!

The next time your painting, Take your spatula and slide it under your bridge, STOP!!!!!!!
If you can do THIS you might want to bring you guitar in to see Savannah and me. This guitar needs a bridge reset. Here I am taking the bridge off the top before cleaning and prepping for a refit.

They might just look like clamps to you but there like dental tools to me. (Huh?)
Here we are putting that bridge back on.
These clamps were redesigned by my good buddy and biking friend Dave. Now they "ROCK" and make my life, and this job a lot easier.
Thank You Much Dave!!!!

Look at this little beauty!
This is a replacement JAZZMASTER bridge the customer found on the net.
It does solve all the related problems I've seen with the Fender style.(buzz, rattle, buzz)
Not sure who made it, but it sure works!!!!

Lot's of work to do, I'll keep this updated with all the cool jobs!
Thank You Much!
Peace, Tom

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coco said...

that jazz/jag bridge is made my the guys at mastery bridge.

they're the best.